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Murray has recorded lockdown performances over web conferencing during the Covid-19 response... Check them out on YouTube


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New to Murray's music? Say It Ain't So is a great place to start! Intended to be a musical, this classic rock album is a great showcase of the soft/hard range of Murray's voice.

            Hear/buy Say It Ain't So


My recap of Murray's Feb. 14, 2006 concert in Montreal, Quebec!


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Murray Head's website.

You might remember Murray Head from the song "One Night In Bangkok,"

which climbed the charts in 1985. You probably didn't realize that song

was a track from Chess, a musical written by the masterminds behind

Swedish super-group ABBA. Unknown to most Americans are his 

best performances, found on his multiple solo albums. This site is

focused on those who know Murray only from a song (or two) and are

would like to discover more about his recording career. Please enjoy.



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